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Why give thanks

“I learn by going where I have to go,” Theodore Roethke wrote. And that’s an important concept. All of life cannot be planned. Our life is God’s and gratitude is its key.

Giving thanks to God is good psychologically to keep our thoughts light and full of energy. It is not true, psychologists tell us, that we think the way we feel. On the contrary, we feel the way we think and thoughts can be changed.

Giving thanks to God is good spiritually. That is the beginning of contemplation.

Giving thanks to God is good socially. It makes us a positive presence in a group. (Only negative people want to be around negative people.)

bookcoverWe need to stop and thank God—consciously—for the good things of the day. We spend so much time wanting things to be better that we fail to see our real gifts. There are banquets in our life and we don’t enjoy them because we are always grasping for something more: the perfect schedule, the perfect work, the perfect friend, the perfect community. We have to realize that God’s gifts are all around us, that joy is an attitude of mind, an awareness that my life is basically good. Dissatisfaction is too often a sign of something wrong in me.

The ordinary is what reveals to us, little by little, inch by inch, “the holiness of life, before which,” Dag Hammarskjold wrote, “we bow down in worship.”

—from Songs of the Heart: Reflections on the Psalms by Joan Chittister
(Twenty-Third Publications)


Labyrinth Project Update

We will be working on the Labyrinth all week – October 26-30.  Join with us – come when you can, for as long as you can!  Bring work gloves!

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Need Prayer?

As a Christian community we believe in the power of prayer. If you would like to be included in our prayers please click here.



We affirm that through God’s redeeming love for all, we are one in Christ. We respect the inherent and valuable contributions each member makes to the Body of Christ. We celebrate our diversity and recognize the sacred worth and dignity of all persons of any age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnic origin, economic reality, family status, sexual orientation, diverse ability or social status. We believe that through Christ we are being reconciled to God and to one another. As we journey towards reconciliation, we proclaim this welcome to all God’s people, especially to those who have known the pain of rmnlogoflameexclusion and discrimination within the church, affirming that no one is excluded or condemned. We invite all persons to journey with us as we discover the call of God on our lives through the ministries of Fairport United Methodist Church. To that end, Fairport United Methodist Church commits to the reconciliation of all persons as children of God and declares itself to be a Reconciling Congregation.

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