Sunday Dinner

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Sunday Dinner is a free, Sunday afternoon community dinner program designed to help those who are in need of a warm meal, or just a warm smile and some fellowship on a Sunday afternoon. Our original intent was to reach those who were homeless and/or seriously in need of a warm, well-balanced dinner. However, being in the Rochester suburbs we have less homeless, and more elderly. So, our guests tend to run about 80% elderly, who are probably there more for the fellowship than from a need for food, and 20% people who are in low-income or jobless, subsidized housing, situations who do need a good meal.

Our guests arrive around noon for a well balanced sit-down (they sit down and we serve them everything and then clear it all away) dinner that we serve to them around 12:30pm. Typically we serve around 45-50 people in the Fellowship Hall and deliver another 55-60 to people who are unable the get to the church for dinner.


Here is a typical “Sunday Dinner” Sunday for us:


9am Cooks arrive to start preparing the dinner

10am Setup crew comes in to set up the dining area

Noon Guests start arriving, Servers arrive, Deliveries get staged

12:15pm Deliveries get picked up crew arrives

12:30pm Blessing, dinner serving starts, Cleanup

1:00pm Everything is served, cooks go home, some guests start to leave

1:15pm Most guests are gone, servers are finishing cleaning up the dining area and putting tables and chairs away, vacuuming the floor

1:30pm Servers are done and gone

2:00pm Cleanup crew is finished washing and putting away all dishes and goes home

Set-up – This job takes about 30 minutes.

Cooks – This is the group that plans, cooks and puts the food on the plates.

Servers – These are the people who take care of our guests.

Clean-up – these are the folks who wash all of the dishes and put everything away.

Deliveries – these are the people who pick up the dinners from the kitchen and deliver them to people who cannot come to the dinners.

Greeters – these are the people who stand at the doors to welcome people to dinner. They start at noon and leave when we do the blessing around 12:30pm.

Desserts – all of our desserts are home-made by the congregation.

Volunteers are usually scheduled to work once every three months (once per Quarter), and Quarterly “team” listings are emailed and published in the Cross & Flame Newsletter.

If you would like to volunteer for Sunday Dinner or would just like more information about Sunday Dinner, you can call Mark Renfro @ 585-721-2513.


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