Youth Activity, Service and Mission Opportunities at

Fairport United Methodist Church

Service and Mission are a part of the Youth Ministry program here at Fairport UMC…from helping out with events at Fairport UMC to working with others in the community and our country to reaching out to our brothers and sisters throughout the world, we complete service projects, raise funds and go on a Mission trip annually.



  • Ushers
  • Readers
  • Nursery Volunteer
  • Assisting in Sunday School classes
  • Communion Servers
  • Choirs – Chancel, Morning Glory Youth and Bell Choirs
  • Drama during some worship services
  • Instrumental worship service music
  • Sunday Dinner Ministry



Mobility Worldwide: Junior & Senior High Bike Trip

Since 1994, our youth have participated in a ministry which has helped those around the world in developing countries who are unable to use their legs. Mobility Worldwide provides handcarts to individuals who want the independence and mobility that the carts offer.  This changes the hearts, minds, and lives of people. It’s about transforming societies, village by village, person by person.  To learn more about Mobility Worldwide and what the money we raise does, click here:

Through participation in our annual “Mobility Worldwide” Bike Trip to Hamlin Beach State Park, the money that our youth group raises goes toward the supplies and transportation costs for building and delivering handcarts all over the world.

The youth and adults on the Bike Trip have four days of camping, studying, rest and relaxation, and enjoying each other’s company. We have our time at Hamlin designed to build Christian community and to learn more about God’s purpose in our lives. The sense of community and building of history together that naturally happens on the Bike Trip is often the reason that youth have decided that they want to continue to attend youth functions.

This annual Bike Trip, as well as many other youth activities and events, creates for youth a memory of a time when they felt especially close to God. This is an intentional part of the ministry that we believe helps equip youth for their spiritual journey here in Junior and Senior High. In addition, we believe that these memories can play an especially significant role during the post high school years. A young adult may seek similar community because of their memories. These memories may play a particularly important part in bringing a youth or young adult back from a time away from God and the church.